About teatool™
teatool™ is a registered trademark and is a patented product produced in the UK.

teatool™ Trademark No. 004 275 186
UK Patent No. GB 05 08 038.7
International Patent No. PCT/GB 2005/004371

Tip: To allow the tea to brew to required flavour one teatool™ per cup is recommended.

History of teatool™
The teatool™ was invented by Dr Martin Almond who reached the conclusion that there had to be a better way of dealing with dripping teabags than with a teaspoon or tongs.

A Unique Solution to an age old problem... Extensive research indicated that no suitable device existed anywhere in the world. Martin set to work with a design company to come up with a practical solution. Several different designs were developed to prototype level and the best design was tested, amended and perfected and developed into the teatool™.

With the teatool™ the cage which holds the teabag is operated from the handle enabling easy insertion, squeezing and disposal, resulting in a better flavoured cup of tea, no burnt fingers and no more dripping teabags!

The Prototype... It took five years to reach the teatool™ prototype stage and to apply for the necessary patents. The manufacturing has also taken time to develop as modifications had to be made to overcome teething problems, but the final version is now in production in the U.K., where the components are produced and the teatool™ is hand assembled.

So over one hundred years after the introduction of the teabag in 1904 a practical device for handling them has just become available!

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